Talks about Important Things’ were dedicated to Victory Day

On the eve of the 9th of May the University held thematic Talks about important things. The lecturers were:

Galina Sokolova, Deputy Chairman of the JAR Government;

Anton Akimov, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of JAR, Head of the Regional Executive Committee of the United Russia Party (our alumnus);

Anton Boltov, Chairman of the City Duma of Birobidzhan (our alumnus).

The lecturers talked about the Great Patriotic War and why it is important to remember the feats of the Soviet people with lyceum students and students of secondary vocational education. They also emphasized that real patriotism is manifested through the expression of care for the country, society, and people.

After all, Victory Day is not only a historical holiday but also a symbol of the historical memory of the greatness and invincibility of our country and the fearlessness and bravery of our soldiers.

It is not only words but also deeds that are meant to make the world around us better. The speakers' own example is also important here, as young and active people are implementing many projects and initiatives in the territory of the JAR.