Our students became laureates of the Khabarovsk festival ‘Student Spring - 2024’

From 29 April to 5 May 2024 the creative youth of Sholom-Aleichem Priamursky State University took part in the XXX Khabarovsk regional open festival ‘Student Spring’.

Within the framework of the creative programme of the Festival our contestants competed in the following directions: vocal, dance, theatre, original genre and media. The results of the competition programmes confirmed the high level of training and talent of our students:

Laureates of the 1st degree:

Arina Golovataya (Variety singing, Patriotic song)

Daria Isaiko (Publishing, Media direction)

Olga Volkova (Original Genre, Circus Art)

Laureates of the II degree:

Modern Dance Studio ‘Atmosphere’ (Folk Dance)

Andrey Kondratyuk (Variety singing, Foreign song)

Vocal ensemble ‘Vosmaya Nota’ (Variety singing, Patriotic song) - marked twice!

Laureates of the III degree:

Student Theatre Studio (Small Forms Theatre)

Modern Dance Studio ‘Atmosphere’ (Pop Dance)

Andrey Kondratyuk (Solo Theatre).

Natalia Bazhenova, Rector of the University, expressed pride in the success of students and teachers, stressing that thanks to the Development Programme within the framework of ‘Priority 2030. Far East’ programme, conditions for creative growth and victories have been created. The University was able to take high positions at the festival, which is confirmed by the impressive results: 10 applications - 8 wins; 12 performances - 10 prize places.

This success was not only a victory for the university, but also an important step in the development of talented youth, confirming the students’ potential and future growth. Congratulations!