Cooperation with industry: personnel for the region's flagship enterprise

The University held a project session ‘Determining the requirements for the development of educational programmes together with an industrial partner’.

One of the university's partners, Kimkano-Sutarsky Mining and Processing Company, participated in the session.

The situation in the field of management of the University's educational programmes portfolio was analysed, and requirements for their development were defined. Colleagues from MAU's Apatity branch and the Kirov branch of Apatit JSC shared their experience in the joint design of educational programmes.

Cooperation with the largest enterprise in the Far East allows us to identify current requirements for the development of educational programmes that meet the needs of the labour market and industry.

This event is a consequence of the project-analytical session held in April this year with the participation of experts from FSASI ‘SocioCentre.’ The participants of the ‘Educational Policy’ group, presented by university staff and employer representatives, presented a project of joint development of educational programmes to meet the industrial partner's request.