The university is opened a camouflage netting centre

Sholom Aleichem Priamursky State University continues to actively support our fighters who are in the zone of the Special military operation. The camouflage net weaving point is another step in the direction of supporting our defenders.

The university has purchased and provided the students with everything they need for the work: a weaving machine, special nets and more than 1000 metres of fabric. ‘It's not difficult at all,’ the guys admit, ‘you can literally learn it in 15-20 minutes.’

The process does not take much time, but even one hour’s work can make a significant contribution to the common activity. The volunteers enjoy getting together, helping each other.

‘In my opinion, this is a huge opportunity for all the students to contribute to the common Victory. For us it is a few hours of uncomplicated work, and for the front line it is a means of salvation. It's great that we have this opportunity right here at the university. I hope that in the near future there will be more of us: those who are not indifferent and the work will go much faster", shared first year student Arina Kiseleva.

Earlier our students were trained by masters from the volunteer community ‘Hands of Angels’ and now they are ready to teach their fellow students and all concerned people who want to join!

The centre is located at 74 Sovetskaya St. (student dormitory), Monday and Thursday from 17:00.